Friday, November 14, 2008

Felted Cloche Hats

So many people asked me to make my cloche hats out of wool and to felt them, and their wish is my command. It took me several attempts to come up with a look that I was satisfied with, and a look that I knew would please my customers, and here it is. My model is Susan, who is my friend and fellow vendor. She grabbed this one as soon as it came off the press. They are $52 each, and have been selling like hotcakes, possibly because Susan wears it in her booth and looks so cute in it. Come check them out, I will be at the market every Saturday and Sunday in November and December with the exception of December 14th, when I will be at the Squidfire show in Baltimore.

1 comment:

MsRaj said...

Hello from Nebraska! It's cold here, and I'm stopped everyday by people asking where did you get that hat? Did you get a website up yet? Of course, I lost your email. Take care! Your in high demand in the midwest!