Thursday, February 07, 2008

HA! 2 posts in two days, whatever next? This is Mary, and she lives on "The Hill". Fortunately for me Mary can't stop by without buying a hat! This is hat # 4, and she has also bought a hat for her husband. Next is a scarf. Thanks Mary!!

I won't be at the market on Sunday, it seems the weather is going to be a little crazy. I don't mind the cold, but apparently it's going to be windy, so forget that! Instead you can catch me at Union Station. One of my friends has a kiosk there, and he has started carrying my hats. I haven't been over there, so I am going to go over on Sunday to arrange the display for him. He seems to be doing OK though, he's sold a few hats and scarves, but I think he thinks it needs a woman's touch, and to be quite honest I would like to see what it looks like for myself.

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